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Extract Video Analytics

Powerful software to read documents, interpret images, and analyze videos


Extract Vision

Configurable machine learning, neural network, and deep learning models to extract structured data from images, videos and documents. Assemble with Language and Learning models to deploy customized end-to-end solutions.
Image Classification, Analysis

Image Classification, Analysis and Anomaly Detection

Video Analytics Search and Object Tracking

Video Analytics, Search, and Object Tracking

Intelligent OCR Document Classification

Intelligent OCR, Document Classification, and Text Extraction

Enable software with human like vision to analyze images, videos, and documents across real world use cases.

Intelligent OCR

Intelligent OCR

Extract text from documents and media

Extract can identify and capture business critical content from hundreds of documents out of the box, including legal pleadings, medical records, common insurance documents like ACORD forms, and IRS documents like 1040s and W-2s.

The Extract AI engine can be easily configured to identify and extract text from virtually any document, including unstructured documents with inconsistent layouts.

Capture people, things, and events across video assets

Extract Vision uses transfer learning to quickly identify new types of objects with limited training data. Once configured, Extract can count and track multiple disparate objects moving in multiple directions through a video frame--like products on a factory floor, people walking through a shopping center, or cars on the road.

Foundation AI has deployed these models to help municipalities increase urban mobility and traffic safety by tracking the number, types, and direction of vehicles moving through busy intersections.

Video Object Tracking

Video Object Tracking

Facial Recognition

Facial Recognition

Identify people in real-time, with limited training data

Foundation Extract facial recognition leverages state-of-the-art models to recognize people with limited training data. Extract can recognize faces in digital and analog footage, regardless of angle of capture, and even in suboptimal conditions like when they are wearing face masks.

Extract facial recognition can process archived images and video, or deployed in real time across a wide range of use-cases like forensic analysis, e-discovery, medication adherence monitoring, physical premises monitoring, and bio-metric access control.

Detect and Diagnose Medical Conditions

Not only has Foundation AI’s data science team published several papers on deep learning models to detect and diagnose diseases like tuberculosis and diabetic retinopathy, but it has also put these models in production to optimize workflows in the real world.

Foundation AI works with forward-thinking provider groups and healthcare technology companies around the world to integrate deep learning powered diagnostic imaging technology into their offerings.

Deep Learning Diagnostic Imaging

Deep Learning Diagnostic Imaging
Video Track
Extract Video Search
video analytics facial recognition and object classification

Search your video to find exactly what you need

Foundation Extract Video Search combines Foundation AI’s video analytics, facial recognition, and object classification and tracking models to enable users to quickly scan through large troves of video and image files and accurately identify the exact instances when specific people, objects and events appear on screen.

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Extract video search track

Extract Features

Modular and Configurable

Modular and Configurable

Vision, Language, and Learning models can be assembled together for intelligent process automation and insight extraction.

Rapid Implementation

Rapid Implementation

Cloud-based or containerized on-prem, and easily integrated via suite of APIs and configurable input and downstream connectors.

Self Learning

Self Learning

Pre-trained to deliver immediate value and continues to learn and improve through feedback

Augmented Intelligence

Augmented Intelligence

Intuitive user interface built to optimize the relative strengths of humans and machines.

Best in Class Data Security

Best in Class Data Security

ISO 27001 certified and customer data encrypted and isolated in SOC2 Secure SaaS cloud environment

Extract in the Real World

zededa casestudy
Real-Time Facial Recognition

Hybrid-Cloud Edge Real-Time Facial Recognition

Extract deployed on Zededa Edge-IoT Platform to analyze video and identify faces in real time.

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Contact Tracing

Video-Based COVID-19 Contact Tracing

Foundation AI helps a State Department of Corrections conduct automated contact-tracing for COVID-19

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Video-Based COVID-19 Contact Tracing
Real-Time Vehicle Pedestrian Tracking
Real-Time Tracking

Real-Time Vehicle and Pedestrian Tracking

Foundation AI helps Translutions track vehicles and pedestrians in real-time video

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What our clients are saying

Vehicle Tracking

Foundation AI's Vision technology has enabled us to rapidly increase the speed at which we can process video footage. In a business where turn-around-time is everything, Foundation AI has made us more competitive overnight.

Sandipan Bhattacharjee,

Principal - Translutions

Transulations tracking

Foundation AI's content extraction technology is really the best that we've seen. Their hyper responsive team gets you up and running in no time.

Derrick Chow,

COO - Medchart


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