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Data extraction to automate insights

Go beyond data extraction to automate insights and decisions, not just tasks.



Empower Vision and Language solutions with Extract Learning models to automate processes that ordinarily require human judgment, extract actionable insights from processed data, and make better data-driven decisions.
Learn cognitive

Cognitive Reasoning Systems and Process Automation

Learn clustering

Supervised and Unsupervised Classification and Clustering

Time-Series Forecasting

Predictive Modeling and Time-Series Forecasting

Analytics and Decision Optimization

Prescriptive Analytics and Decision Optimization

Leverage data to extract actionable insights and make better data-driven decisions.

Cognitive Process Automation


Intelligently Process Documents

Unlike traditional OCR applications that rely on templates and zonal extraction, Foundation Extract leverages AI to read documents like a human, understanding the context, meaning and intent of language.

Foundation AI uses knowledge mapping to configure Extract to perform complicated processes, integrating both deterministic and probabilistic models to make judgement calls, and using confidence thresholds to determine when human involvement is necessary. Extract continuously learns from human feedback, getting faster and more accurate each day.

Extract Insights from Dark Data

Whether its automating manual processes, uncovering actionable insights, or predicting future events, digital transformation relies on structured data. But 90% of enterprise data is locked away in documents, images, and videos and the rate at which this unstructured data is being created is increasing exponentially.

Not only can Foundation AI create structure out of this unstructured data, its unsupervised clustering, supervised classification, and other Learning models can detect even subtle patterns and coax out meaningful insights. Go beyond simply processing data and use it to predict future events and prescribe the best course of action.

Data Mining

AI - Data Mining

Predictive Models

AI - Predictive Models

Forecast the future

Extract leverages transfer learning to configure its suite of deep learning and time-series forecasting models specifically for each use case. The Foundation AI team has built and deployed in production hundreds of predictive models across industries, ranging from helping energy utilities forecast when machine component parts will fail to helping a large multi-national appliance maker model future customer demand.

The Foundation AI team has particular expertise in healthcare predictive models, having deployed over 100 different revenue, operational, and clinical predictive models for healthcare providers around the globe.

Make better decisions

Extract’s AI powered optimization models connect the dots between historical data and future planning. Combined with its Language, Vision and other learning models, AI powered optimization enables enterprises to automate end-to-end processes, even those that ordinarily rely on human judgement.

Extract’s attended solutions and human-in-the-loop deployments ensure that enterprises still maintain full control and oversight as necessary, and that the models continue to learn from human exception handling. The Foundation AI team has deployed optimization solutions across industries, from optimizing marketing spends, to making prescriptive maintenance recommendations, to optimizing shift rotations and staffing across a hospital.


AI - Optimization
Extract Features

Extract Features

Modular and Configurable

Modular and Configurable

Vision, Language, and Learning models can be assembled together for intelligent process automation and insight extraction.

Rapid Implementation

Rapid Implementation

Cloud-based or containerized on-prem, and easily integrated via suite of APIs and configurable input and downstream connectors.

Self Learning<

Self Learning

Pre-trained to deliver immediate value and continues to learn and improve through feedback

Augmented Intelligence

Augmented Intelligence

Intuitive user interface built to optimize the relative strengths of humans and machines.

Best in Class Data Security

Best in Class Data Security

ISO 27001 certified and customer data encrypted and isolated in SOC2 Secure SaaS cloud environment

Extract in the Real World

NDDOCR casestudy AI
Extract - NLP

Predict Future Behavior

Find out how we help a correctional department target the right individuals for positive interventions based on their prior behavior.

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electrolux - AI
Optimize Marketing - AI
Extract language AI

Optimize Marketing Spend

Find out how we help the world's second-largest appliance maker optimize its spending across its different promotional chanels.

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Ensemble - AI
Ensemble Casestudy AI
Extract - ML

Predict Machine Component Failures

Find out how we help a large power producer detect costly machine failures more than 6 months sooner.

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What our clients are saying

Extract - OCR - NLP

With Foundation Extract, we were quickly able to glean insights and develop algorithmic models that outperformed traditional screening tools by a wide margin.

Guy Scalzi,

Managing Principal - Health Tech Advisors


Foundation AI’s data warehouse integrates information from our electronic health record, offender management record, behavioral health record and pharmacy record. Now, we can automate and track our chronic care clinic performance, follow medication adherence in real time and identify, track, and treat Hepatitis C patients.

Dr. John Hagan,

Staff Physician - ND Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation


Foundation AI’s software helps us to derive the full benefit of our massive store of data, and uncover meaningful insights that will benefit the health and safety of the citizens of New York.

Naeem Ullah,

Chief Information Officer - New York Office of the Chief Medical Examiner


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