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Extract Filer helps enterprises automatically sort, label and file documents into their downstream systems.
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Let AI Handle Your Document Intake

Your people have better things to do.
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It's Cheaper

Extract Filer eliminates hours of tedious manual labor, delivering immediate cost savings and freeing your people up to focus on more important things

AI-Powered software

It's Faster

Our AI-Powered software completes the entire document intake process more than 5x faster than standard workflows, enabling you to be infinitely more responsive.

process documents remotely

It's Future-Proof

Extract enables staff to process documents remotely through one intuitive UI, and can file documents into virtually any software, storage, or RPA system.

Extract - Sorts Large Files

Sorts Large Files Into Separately Categorized PDFs

Extract Filer leverages OCR, computer vision, and machine learning to identify and sort incoming documents based on your internal document organization practices. It can automatically pick up files straight from your email, fax, and scanners and split them into separately labeled PDF documents ready to be routed directly into downstream systems.

OCR, computer vision, and machine learning
Extract filer - Automatically Searches
Extract Filer correct case file

Automatically Searches Your Systems to Link Each Document to the Correct File

Extract Filer reads each document and, just like a trained staff member, locates the correct file in your system using names, dates, addresses and other identifiers found in the text. It can learn and apply complex business rules, and can present conflicts and unknowns through its web-based UI for easy intervention.

Artificial intelligence

Captures Key Information and Routes it into Your System

Extract Filer can capture key information from documents and route it directly into your systems or use it to automatically title each document to your rules and naming conventions for seamless organization into your file management software.

Extracts Key Information from documents
Extract Filer handles document and data entry
extract filer Integration

Seamlessly Integrates With Your Existing Systems and Workflows

Extract Filer handles the entire document and data entry process through one simple user interface, eliminating the need to bounce between different applications. It can upload documents straight from your Efax or scanner, process them on cloud or on prem, and push them directly into virtually any downstream software, storage, or RPA system.

Document Operations

Provides Full Transparency and Control of Your Document Operations

Extract Filer features robust document and staff analytics to help you understand and predict your document volumes and optimize your staffing accordingly. It tracks all user behavior in the system, providing transparency into exactly when your staff are working and how productive they are being, even if they are working remotely. Its reporting features allow you to audit all staff and AI-augmented data entry, giving you full control over your document operations.

Robust document and analytics
Extract Features

Extract Features

Modular and Configurable

Modular and Configurable

Vision, Language, and Learning models can be assembled together for intelligent process automation and insight extraction.

Rapid Implementation

Rapid Implementation

Cloud-based or containerized on-prem, and easily integrated via suite of APIs and configurable input and downstream connectors.

Self Learning

Self Learning

Pre-trained to deliver immediate value and continues to learn and improve through feedback

Augmented Intelligence

Augmented Intelligence

Intuitive user interface built to optimize the relative strengths of humans and machines.

Best in Class Data Security

Best in Class Data Security

ISO 27001 certified and customer data encrypted and isolated in SOC2 Secure SaaS cloud environment

Extract in the Real World

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AI Document intake operations

Extract Filer Automates Legal Document Intake

Artificial Intelligence Drives Profitability and Growth for California-Based Workers’ Compensation Defense Firm

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Contact Tracing

Automation for Workers Compensation

Extract Filer saves a California law firm over $400,000 annually by streamlining its document intake

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Stockwell - Extract
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What our clients are saying

Extract Document Filer

Before, processing the mail involved physically sorting documents, and using several different systems to scan them and enter them into our attorney files.  Now, the mail just has to be scanned in batches and then the AI does most of the work to sort it, match it to the correct matter and name it.  My staff can validate the AI from anywhere, even remotely, which has saved us during this COVID crisis.

And the best part is, I know exactly how many documents are getting processed every day, and I can monitor the staff no matter where we all are.

Rosanna Renteria,

Office Manager - Stockwell, Harris, Woolverton & Helphrey


Foundation AI's software has been a gamechanger, especially during COVID, to streamline our correspondence processing. We used to spend hours of time matching and filing inbound correspondence.  The software helps automate that for us, so people can focus more on working with our clients.

Michael Brand,

Managing Partner - Acumen LLP


We receive thousands of pages of mail each day and have always had backlogs getting it scanned into attorneys' files.

Within two weeks of using Foundation Extract, we were getting the mail processed within a day, while saving about $8,000 a week in staffing costs.

George Woolverton,

Managing Partner - Stockwell, Harris, Woolverton & Helphrey

stockwell - Extract

Using Foundation Extract, “we’ve taken a task that used to take a full day and gotten it down to under an hour.”

Christian Puzder,

CEO - Casefriend


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