Suzhou, China, Nov. 2, 2018

Foundation AI Attends Advantech's IoT Co-Creation Summit

Suzhou, China, Nov. 2, 2018 – Foundation AI attended Advantech’s IoT Co-Creation Summit, which was held on Nov. 1 and 2 at the Suzhou International Expo Center in Suzhou, China. Advantech’s first Global IoT Summit attracted more than 6,600 attendees from industries including Manufacturing, Smart Cities, Retail, Logistics, Healthcare, and Energy. The summit had over 100 in-depth discussion seminars and 170 booths highlighting different collaborations in the IoT space.

Advantech has acknowledged that full IoT solutions require collaboration between partners with complementary skillsets. A complete solution might require subject matter experts, sensors, sensor nodes, gateways, specialized processors, cloud providers, software developers, and of course data science expertise. Advantech is fostering collaboration in the IoT space, arguing that it is much more effective for companies to work together to deliver what it refers to as Solution Ready Packages than try to amass the all the expertise needed inside a single firm.

The Suzhou Convention Center in China where Advantech held its first Global IoT Summit.

Foundation AI has long recognized the need for collaboration in the AI space, whether delivering cloud-based solutions or light-weight applications to the edge. Advantech has identified Foundation AI’s expertise as necessary in generating actionable insights from the massive amount of data that is now being created by embedded sensors and cameras. Advantech sent the Foundation AI team to the IoT Co-Creation Summit in order to foster Foundation AI’s relationship with Advantech’s partners and its international product teams.

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Foundation AI is a full-service AI development studio. We leverage our product development expertise, our team of data scientists and engineers, and our proprietary CogNative AI™ Platform to efficiently build and operationalize custom solutions to business challenges. We can help firms determine their AI strategy, develop and implement their AI roadmap, build them an end-to-end product or an AI-native API to integrate with their existing software, or supplement their existing development team with expert data scientists and AI/ML engineers.

Advantech is the global leader of embedded, industrial, IoT and automation solution platforms. The 35-year-old billion-dollar business is ranked a top 100 Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) company with over 1,000 products and more than 8,000 employees working in 92 major cities worldwide. Advantech is renowned for developing and manufacturing high-quality, high-performance hardware and software computing components as well as complete platforms—focused on its vision of enabling an intelligent planet.

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