Los Angeles, California, January. 16, 2019

Foundation AI Becomes Approved Service Provider for the UCLA Anderson Accelerator

Los Angeles, California, January. 16, 2019 – Foundation AI has become an approved service provider for startups in the UCLA Anderson Accelerator. We will be providing data science and AI consulting and development services to startups enrolled in the Accelerator’s intensive six month program.

Foundation AI was founded because its founders saw a need across industries for data science expertise. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the startup space. Firms need a team of data scientists to develop production-grade AI solutions, yet many startups are finding that they can’t compete with larger firms like Facebook, Google, and Amazon for data science talent. Foundation AI’s model allows startups to access the data science expertise they need when they need it. Firms that partner with Foundation AI gain access to the expertise of an entire team, not just a single individual assigned to them. Foundation AI is designed with the needs of startups in mind.

Foundation AI is a full-service AI development studio. We leverage our product development expertise, our team of data scientists and engineers, and our proprietary CogNative AI™ Platform to efficiently build and operationalize custom solutions to business challenges. We can help firms determine their AI strategy, develop and implement their AI roadmap, build them an end-to-end product or an AI-native API to integrate with their existing software, or supplement their existing development team with expert data scientists and AI/ML engineers.

The UCLA Anderson Venture Accelerator is a six-month, immersive program designed to leverage UCLA’s resources to enable the success of promising startups within the UCLA Anderson community.

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