Hyderabad, India, Dec. 21, 2018

Foundation AI Holds Hackathon at INSOFE

Hyderabad, India, Dec. 21, 2018 – Foundation AI sponsored a Hackathon at the International School of Engineering (INSOFE), the largest data science university in Asia. Foundation AI Chief Data Scientist, Venki Pagidimarri, organized the event, which centered around challenges in Computer Vision. The Hackathon ran for 4 hours and saw remarkable engagement with INSOFE students.

Foundation AI is committed to helping the next generation of data scientists and machine learning engineers through focused engagement at the university level. We bring real world world experience and techniques into academic settings because we believe that better data scientists means a better world.

Foundation AI sponsors hackathon at INSOFE, the largest data science university in Asia.

Foundation AI is a full-service AI development studio. We leverage our product development expertise, our team of data scientists and engineers, and our proprietary CogNative AI™ Platform to efficiently build and operationalize custom solutions to business challenges. We can help firms determine their AI strategy, develop and implement their AI roadmap, build them an end-to-end product or an AI-native API to integrate with their existing software, or supplement their existing development team with expert data scientists and AI/ML engineers.

The International School of Engineering is an applied engineering school with a focus in data science and big data analytics. It is Asia’s largest data science university and their Big Data Certification was listed by CIO.com as among the “26 big data certifications that will pay off” along with certifications from Stanford and Columbia. INSOFE’s Post Graduate Program in Big Data Analytics and Optimization is the only one in Asia to be certified for the quality of content, pedagogy and assessment by the Language Technologies Institute (LTI) at Carnegie Mellon University.

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