Denver, Colorado, November 17–22, 2019

Foundation AI Partners with Advantech at SuperComputing 2019

Denver, Colorado, November 17–22, 2019 - Foundation AI partnered with Advantech at the SuperComputing 2019 Conference to showcase our Traffic Analysis Module running on Advantech’s SKY-6400 server. Traffic Analysis is just one use case for our Foundation Video product, which can track people, objects and events in both real time and archived video. In this use case, we can identify how many vehicles of what type are passing through the frame, what direction each vehicle is traveling, and how long each vehicle waits at the intersection. Foundation Video is designed to enable users to easily search through videos to produce analytics and to identify and flag items of interest for people to investigate.

Foundation AI is an AI solutions providing, focused on building structure from unstructured data, and leverage artificial intelligence to drive real business impact. We leverage our product development expertise, our team of data scientists and engineers, our proprietary Foundation AI Platform, and our solutions Foundation Extract and Foundation Video to efficiently build and operationalize custom solutions to business challenges. We can help firms determine their AI strategy, develop and implement their AI roadmap, build them an end-to-end product or an AI-native API to integrate with their existing software, or supplement their existing development team with expert data scientists and AI/ML engineers.

Advantech is the global leader of embedded, industrial, IoT and automation solution platforms. The 35-year-old billion-dollar business is ranked a top 100 Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) company with over 1,000 products and more than 8,000 employees working in 92 major cities worldwide. Advantech is renowned for developing and manufacturing high-quality, high-performance hardware and software computing components as well as complete platforms—focused on its vision of enabling an intelligent planet.

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