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Accuracy, Speed, and Efficiency

Foundation AI integrates with virtually any existing technology to unify all your document input sources – from the physical mailroom to your digital mailboxes- for AI-Powered classification, content extraction, and document workflow automation

  • Collect

    Foundation AI connects and integrates all your document intake sources—including scanners, inboxes, and document management systems—to collect your incoming documents, emails, and attachments for AI-powered processing. The platform can split up large files, classify each document according to your rules, identify duplicates, and direct your people straight to the most important information.

  • Comprehend

    Foundation AI reads and understands each email and document just like a human, only much faster. Using an ensemble of OCR, computer vision, and machine learning, Foundation AI can identify, interpret, and analyze virtually any document, no matter how unique, complex, or unstructured.

    The platform can categorize correspondence and emails, identify time-sensitive documents like demand letters and pleadings, automatically associate each to the correct matter or claim, and cross-check information in your systems and databases.

  • Capture

    Foundation AI is pre-trained to capture key attributes from litigation, claims, and many types of insurance documents, including letters, policy and claims documents, medical reports, event notices, and pleadings.

    Our flexible AI can extract senders, treating providers, important dates, keywords and numbers, and can be quickly configured to extract new documents and information with limited training data. Unlike traditional OCR systems, Foundation AI provides a confidence score with each extraction, enabling efficient exception handling and near perfect accuracy when you need it.

  • Coordinate

    Foundation AI integrates with virtually any upstream or downstream technology to optimize your document processing workflow. It searches your core systems, using captured information like names, case and claim numbers, and other identifiers to place documents and enter data into the right file. Its intuitive user-interface coordinates the entire exception handling process, and it incorporates human-in-the-loop feedback to continuously improve with each document processed.

  • Automate

    From automatically downloading and routing emails and attachments, to alerting your team of critical information to be aware of, to docketing and calendaring events, Foundation AI is built to automate the time-consuming and tedious tasks in legal and insurance document processing workflow, so your team members can focus on the higher value activities that require human judgment.

AI-Powered | Human-Empowered

Foundation AI is like an Ironman suit, but for document processing. It automates the mundane, tedious tasks present in legal and insurance document management, so people can focus on the doing the work that they enjoy.

Unlike traditional OCR systems, Foundation AI provides confidence scores at the field level, and deployments are tuned to strike the client’s preferred balance between precision and efficiency.

The system knows when it doesn’t know, and can task a human to validate its work in its intuitive user interface when it isn’t confident and before it makes a decision. The AI learns from this human-in-the-loop feedback, getting more accurate and more confident with each document it processes.

Foundation AI document processing


Digital Mail Processing
Digital Mail Processing
  • Collect incoming email and documents, classify, match to the correct file, and index in the document management system
  • Up to 85% no-touch document indexing
Classification Routing
Email Classification, Routing, and Processing
  • Integrate inboxes from across the enterprise, download attachments and emails, classify, route and escalate according to business rules
  • Up to 98% categorization accuracy, and 20x reduction in average handling time
Time-Sensitive Documents
  • Identify time-sensitive and urgent documents, escalate, and track handling to ensure resolution
  • Up to 97% accuracy in identifying urgent demand letters
Content Extraction and Data Entry
  • Confidently extract critical information from emails, letters, medical reports, pleadings, policy declarations, claims forms, and more
  • Over 99% accuracy through human-in-the-loop processing
Document Unitization
  • Break up large files, classify each by time, and reorganize chronologically to streamline review
  • 3-5X improvement in overall efficiency per staff member
AI-Powered Document
AI-Powered Document Review
  • Classify and organize large documents, tag keywords, and AI-powered guidance to critical sections for human review
  • 5X Speed of initial case assessment


  • Human-empowered

    approach to automation

    Human-in-the-loop automation with confidence scores to strike your desired balance between precision and efficiency

  • AI Models

    Artificial Intelligence

    Go beyond OCR and leverage true AI-models to process the unstructured content other platforms can’t

  • Rapid implementation


    Realize solution value quickly and with minimal organization effort

  • integrations


    Integrate with virtually any existing technology you’re currently using

  • data security

    data security

    Soc 2 Type II, ISO 27001, and HIPAA certified and compliant technology

our clients are saying

Extract - NLP

Foundation AI has fueled and expanded the scope of Automation use cases across the Insurance value chain, providing significant capabilities that enable business transformation and improve insured and employee experience.

Prashant Hinge,

Vice President, Automation & Employee Experience

We’ve increased our document processing speed by more than three times since implementing Foundation AI. The platform has allowed us to create a highly efficient centralized mail system where one or two people in one place can accurately handle duties that before required multiple staff across our ten offices.

Mary Sinacori,

Staff Administrator

We receive thousands of pages of mail each day and have always had backlogs getting it scanned into attorneys' files.

Within two weeks of using Foundation AI, we were getting the mail processed within a day, while saving about $8,000 a week in staffing costs.

George Woolverton,

Managing Partner

Intense clerical, specifically document processing demands, of workers’ compensation law was a growth challenge we were working to navigate. Increasing document processing costs were starting to pressure the firm meaningfully. But, with the Foundation AI solution in place, we’ve been able to add four new attorneys without expanding our support staff.

Michael Brand,


We’ve been able now to maintain a 50% increase in our caseload, with only a single individual handling our documents who is able to process them much faster.

Benjamin P. Feld,


Transformative document processing foundationai
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