Extract Filer Fuels Expansion for Boutique California Workers’ Compensation Defense Firm

After implementing Foundation AI Extract Filer, Acumen Law LLP gained more than 120 hours per week to serve clients.

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Extract Filer Automates Legal Document Intake

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Get the new case study and learn how Foundation AI Extract Filer has decreased the hours required for inbound document processing by approximately 95%, facilitated firm growth without requiring the hire of additional legal assistants or paralegals, and allowed the entire team to allocate more hours to value-creating work.

Knowing how important growth is to our partners’ vision for the firm, I worked in collaboration with Foundation AI to implement Extract processes that made sure our entire team has access to the documents they need without being burdened by information that they don’t.

Jim Mezzera, Acumen Law LLP, paralegal and office administrator
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Foundation AI Extract Filer is a document intake automation platform that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to process inbound documents—including large unsorted documents, emails, faxes, and batch-scanned mail—directly into electronic document management systems faster, cheaper, and more accurately. The software instantly OCRs each document to make it searchable, splits it by category, matches each document to the correct matter file, and names it to your firm’s naming convention. Your staff confirms the AI results, and Extract Filer inserts each document directly into your legal document management software. It can even alert attorneys and staff based on the type of document and your internal protocols.

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